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About me

I am Emma Alexia Triphora, a mildly queer humanoid born and raised in the great state of Delaware. A pretentious description of myself involves the designations of "polymath", "wordsmith", and "philhellene"; a less pretentious description involves "nitpicker", "stoic", and "oversleeper".

If you know me, it's probably from my work at Modrinth, where I've held various roles since April 2021. Currently, I hold the position of Growth Manager, which involves maintaining a plethora of varied activities, including but not limited to moderation, marketing, community management, and documentation.

My Ride1UP Roadster v2, large frame in burgundy matte

When it comes to the non-digital world, I am a student and an avid anti-car advocate. A combination of the local bus system and my bike (pictured left) get me everywhere I need to go.

My friends describe me as a very bluntly opinionated individual, and I can't say I disagree. If I have an opinion on something, you are unlikely to be able to change it. I don't align with any specific political parties, but I would most closely describe myself as a democratic socialist.

Fun facts

  • I learned the Java, Rust, and Groovy programming languages for the express purpose of Minecraft modding.
  • If you've ever played a modded Minecraft instance on 1.19 or above, whether it be Forge, Fabric, or Quilt, you have run a bit of code written by me.
  • I have a very distinct writing style that especially shines in opinion writing. My word choice is always rather deliberate besides informal contexts.
  • Μιλάω ελληνικά, αλλά αγγλικά είναι η μητρική μου γλώσσα.

Minecraft community involvement

Here's a bit of detail about various roles I've held in Minecraft-related communities through the years. Roles are listed in order of hierarchy, or date attained if hierarchy is equivalent.

Modrinth (2021 - present)

I initially joined the Modrinth Discord on 2021-01-29 and gradually started collecting roles and responsibilities from there.

  • Modrinth Team (Growth Manager): 2022-03-08 - present
    • lead of moderation: 2021-12-12 - present
    • marketing manager: 2022-02-21 - present
    • community manager: 2022-03-08 - present
    • minotaur maintainer: 2021-12-28 - present
    • docs maintainer: 2022-03-04 - present
  • Discord Moderator: 2021-10-06 - present
  • File Moderator: 2021-06-10 - present
  • Blogging Team: 2021-05-30 - 2022-02-21
    • Role merged into that of the marketing manager
  • Contributor: since 2021-04-19

QuiltMC (2021 - 2022)

I initially joined the Quilt Discord on its opening day, 2021-04-20, and began to get involved a few months later.

Empire Minecraft (2017 - present)

I've been a player on EMC since 2017-07-20 with ebbs and flows of activity.

Prism Launcher (2022)

I helped lead the moderation team through the initial setup of the new Discord server for Prism, saving it from the brink of collapse several times and setting up some critical infrastructure.

  • Moderator: 2022-10-17 - 2022-10-29

Fabulously Optimized (2021 - 2022)

I was part of the starting crew for the opening of Fabulously Optimized's Discord server on 2021-07-29.

  • Moderator: 2021-09-18 - 2022-09-10
  • Contributor: since 2021-07-23